Young Jocks in Heat

Young Jocks in Heat

Chris and Brad made a fantastic couple: Chris was a bleached blonde with green eyes and Brad was a strawberry blonde with dark eyes. Both were well-muscled young jocks and they had known each other since childhood. They also shared a fetish for gym gear, especially tight fitting white briefs. Chris liked nothing better than to suck Brad off in the gym changeroom after a workout. Brad would always be wearing a pair of mid-rise sporty-styled tighty whities. The two hard-bodied young guys would wear the same briefs to work out in for weeks on end, soaking the restraining cotton pouch with the inimitable aroma of teenaged male crotch sweat. In addition to drenching their briefs with their sweat, they routinely jerked off into them, infusing the material with the erotic smell of hot teenage fuck juice.

Every week, in between sweaty workouts, they would exchange briefs with one another so that each briefs got soaked with both boy’s juices. After about a month or so of exchanging, when each pair had been worn like a second skin by both Chris and Brad, the two boys would meet for a very hot night of teenaged male to teenaged male white briefs sex. They would start by stripping down to their tighty whities, then wrestling. The sweat soon began to flow, scenting the air with the heady smell of stale sweat and dried cum, now moistened by the two studs’ sexual exertions. Following first one boy’s cumshot, and then the other boy’s cumshot, the two boys stripped naked and wiped each other down with their white briefs until both pairs were well saturated with cum and sweat. Then, they would slip each other’s damp, sticky jockstraps over their heads so that the pouch clung to their cute flushed faces. Their senses were flooded with the delicious scent and taste of countless workouts and jerk-off sessions. Nothing in the world smelled so good to them. Nothing in the world turned them on so much. It seemed that cum and sweat were woven directly into the moist white briefs Chris and Brad wore. After inhaling and tasting the succulent white briefs that clung so deliciously to their faces, Chris and Brad proceeded to sixty-nine — without removing the sweat-and-cum-soaked briefs! Brad’s thick, cut prick was a good seven inches long and sprouted proudly erect from a dense crop of dark red cock hair, cock hair that was often matted with sweat and cum. Each of his pecan-sized balls throbbed hotly as they churned out gallons of the sweet creamy cum Chris thirsted so desperately for. Brad’s balls were his pride and joy. They hung so low that he could make a fist around the loose skin of his ballsac; the base of his large pounding fuckpole on one side and his tasty balls hanging below his fist on the other side. As for Chris, he was equally well-equipped, with a gigantic seven-and-a-half-inch cockshaft that tapered near the head to a walnut sized dickhead. His cock hair belied his true hair color as a mass of chestnut brown pubic hair obscured the thick base of Chris’ luscious lovestick. Unlike Brad, Chris’ balls were pulled neatly up against his body, allowing Chris to fit his entire shaft and balls into any hole his fuckshaft happened to be in at the moment. With two cum-crazed and horny teenaged boys, both horse-hung and hot, a sixty nine was the only way to go, and it soon yielded two mind-and-cock-blowing orgasms as both boys creamed each other’s dicks with their talented cock-sucking mouthes. They grabbed each other’s ass cheeks and shoved each other’s rods into their throats to catch every drop of hot steaming cum.

Chris was always on the bottom, and he loved to let his mouth fill with Brad’s well-heated fuckcream before allowing some of it to roll down his throat. He wanted to taste the rich satisfying cream before he drank it all down. Chris sucked and milked Brad’s horse-hung cock dry, until those pecan-sized balls were drained of all their precious man-juice. At the same time, Brad always had a hard time swallowing all of Chris’ heavy load. Unlike Brad, who came in spurts, Chris came in a steady stream. Brad sucked and swallowed furiously, but still some of Chris’ cum invariably leaked out and stained the already cum-soaked and sweat-stained white briefs plastered onto Brad’s face.

After both boys had emptied their massive loads into and onto each other, the shared a face to face kiss through the now-soaked tighty whities, rubbing the wet pouches into each other’s faces. The room smelled like a locker room after an orgy, the smells of cum and sweat mixing and mingling. Exhausted but satisfied, the two boys would drift off to sleep in each other’s arms, dreaming of next month’s encounter as their white briefs dried into a hard mask of dried cum and sweat.

This work is an altered version of the story (c) Chris Chin 1992 from the Nifty story archive. The author could not be contacted to consult on these edits.

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