White Brief Encounters in College

White Brief Encounters in College

Reader “T Martin”, a 23 year old recent college graduate, has been wearing briefs all his life, and primarily wear Jockey with some FTL mixed in for a change. He sent us in this great white briefs story…. read on:

I keep reading stories about the good ‘ole days of briefs, and I wanted to share a couple of my experiences. Now, I won’t say they’re coming back or anything, but they are out there. For the record, I’m a briefs guy,
have been my whole life and I’m currently 23.

During my sophomore year of college I lived in a single which shared a bathroom with another single. My roommate was named Miguel and he was a pretty solitary guy, who usually went home on the weekends. We had dissimilar class schedules but would run into each other some what regularly in the bathroom. Often one would be in the shower, or we’d be getting ready for bed, etc. After a couple of weeks it became pretty apparent to me at least that we both wore white briefs. Usually there was a pile of clothes (his and mine) left outside the shower and at least with mine the jockey waistband was very prevalent as was the hanes waistband for him. As we got a routine there started to be just pairs of white briefs sitting outside the shower or while brushing our teeth we’d be there in just our “pjs” (otherwise known as a tee and briefs). This happened over the course of months and by about halfway through the year we regularly played video games, watched tv/movies, etc in just our briefs. Never went anywhere else but it certainly was fun while it lasted.

During my junior year I was a Resident Adviser in a freshman dorm. One night over a random holiday weekend, at my school everyone went home since it was in a major city, I was doing laundry late at night and noticed another guy doing his laundry as well. He pulled a bunch of white clothes out of the dryer and placed them on the folding tables. Looked like a bunch of shirts so I didn’t think much of it. I go back starting my laundry and moving loads around and I turn around to see him holding up a pair of briefs and folding them. Stopped me for a second since NO ONE ever folded laundry in that room. I started walking out only to notice he had a
bunch of briefs all nicely folded up and ready to wear. Never did get to see him fold his undies again.


  • I like white briefs but don’t wear them because I have a small package – it would be too exposed in lockerroom. It’s boxers only!

  • i like these underwear because they are comfortable

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