White Brief Brothers

White Brief Brothers

I’ve been jerking off for as long as I can remember. For years I always did it through my white briefs. Just like my older brothers. We shared the same bedroom, so I learned about jerking off early. But I did it more than they did. Did it so much that I tore holes in my underpants where my fingernail rubbed. My brothers noticed and joked about how horny I was. That made me think I was the only guy who jerked off so much, which kind of bothered me. But not enough to make me stop! Then one day in my high school
locker room, I noticed this other kid with a rip in his underpants just like mine. Well, that kind of turned me on. I also didn’t feel so alone. Ever since I’ve gotten off on looking at
guys in white briefs.

Whenever I write erotic stuff, I strip down to a well-worn pair of white
classic Jockey briefs, because I usually get pretty excited. I figure that if what I’m writing keeps me hard, it’s probably pretty good. At least for someone turned on by the same stuff I am. Anyway, I usually shoot off a couple of times while I’m writing, so getting down to my white briefs makes sense, don’t you think?

As I mentioned earlier I grew up with three older brothers. Joe is four years older than me; Tim three years older; and Kyle a year older. Our house had only two bedrooms, so the four of us got the master bedroom; mom and dad took the smaller one. Two bunk-beds, three dressers (my greatest desire growing up was to have my own dresser, but I had to wait until Joe moved out to get it), and four small desks made for a tight squeeze. Fortunately the four of us got along OK most of the time, otherwise it would have
been hell, especially for me as the youngest. Taking our cue from dad, around the house we wore just our underpants and, if it was chilly, our T-shirts. I can’t remember a time there weren’t Playboys and Hustlers secreted away in our room. Also I can’t remember a time when my brothers weren’t jerking off. Through some understanding, though, they kept their underpants on (mom always bought those white ones for us at Penny’s) while they fisted the bulge of their boners until they shot off and soaked their briefs in cum. So, that’s how I learned to do it. While I saw their dicks a lot, the only time I saw them hard was when they were tenting their shorts. I’m sure that’s why I became so fascinated by men in their white briefs.

Because our bedroom was so cramped, there was no hiding our jerk-offs from the
others. We either did it lying on our beds or at our desks as a break from homework. There was lots of watching each other and talking about those Playboy and Hustler women, me and Kyle learning from and copying the older two. We had the upper bunks and we looked down on the action. So I learned very early the pleasures of
uninhibited self pleasure, even though I didn’t first cum until I was 11. One interesting thing. After flooding our briefs in cum, we didn’t take them off to change them. Tim
jokingly called it “living with our loads.”

At some point Joe got me into bed with him. He must’ve planned it with Tim, because at the same time Tim pulled Kyle into his bed. This would go on for a week or so, with me and Kyle trading off between the other two. Then it would stop for a few months before starting up again. This went on until Joe left home after college. Anyway, that first time Joe pulled me against him, my back against his chest. He already had an erection, and I felt it pressing against my ass. He grabbed my hips and humped me until he shot off, his warm cum soaking through the back of my underpants. It was damn exciting. On those
nights when I was with Tim, he always played with my erection through my shorts as he rubbed his hard-on against my ass. I usually came first. But Joe never played with my dick. I had to jerk off by myself after he sent me back to my bed.

One day Joe changed what we did. He got me to lie on my back. Then he got on
top of me and started rubbing his erection against mine. I looked across to Tim’s bed. He and Kyle were standing there watching us intently as they masturbated through their briefs. Joe began to moan and I looked up into his face. It was the first time I saw the look of passion on another person’s face. It was so exciting that I shot off that very moment. Joe’s orgasm followed moments later. As Joe and I caught our breathes, we
watched as Tim got on top of Kyle and the two of them ground their crotches together. They groaned pretty loud as they came. Afterwards, Joe told us we’d have to be more quiet in the future, so mom and dad wouldn’t hear and check on us. As usual, Tim did it with me a little differently. As he climbed on top of me, I felt him slip his erection under the leg opening of my white briefs, so that our bare cocks were rubbing right against each other. Both our loads then flooded my underpants. He told me not to tell Joe.
He was kind of afraid of him. Kyle and me, we were in awe of him. (You can probably tell by now that Joe firmly ran the sex stuff among us.) Anyway I always looked forward to the nights I got to get into Tim’s bed….

This was reprinted from the Nifty story archive. The author was unavailable for comment.

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