Two Boys in White Briefs

Two Boys in White Briefs

The two boys walked to their back packs and retrieved their white briefs and put them on. The two put their shirts on before their pants, just looking at Austin’s bottom only covered by his white briefs got my heart pumping again. Once the two were dressed they turned and started to head out of the shed. “Hey mister, are you going to get dressed?” Andy said. I looked down, realized I was totally naked and told
the boys to go along to practice while I got dressed. I left the shed about 10 minutes after they did, so as not to attract too much attention to myself. I went to the bleachers and pretended to video tape my nephew’s practice, the battery on the camera had gone dead in the shed.

About 4 days later my nephew gave me a paper with a phone number on it, it was Andy’s number, the note said to call him because he wanted his practices video taped too. That little devil, between the two of them I was most attracted to Andy. Maybe it was his tan gorgeous body, but most likely it was because I saw him in his white briefs. My underwear fetish knew no ends. I called Andy and he asked me if I could come over his house the next day when his parents would not be home so we could pick up where we left off. I asked him if Austin would be there and he said no, that he wanted me all to himself. I stuttered on the phone as I read back the directions to his house, it was not far from mine, but I wanted to be sure. I also told him how sexy I thought he looked in his underwear and hoped to see more of that. He giggled a bit and said he jerked off 4 times already just thinking of what the three of us had done and came on the tighty whities he had been wearing that day and said they were nice and crusty.

Right on schedule I arrived at his house, shortly after 1PM with a plastic bag containing a gift for Andy. On this occasion I was wearing pretty much the same thing, a white t shirt and blue jeans. Andy it appeared had just gotten out of the shower, He was topless, his hair was wet and his waist was wrapped in a towel. “Thanks for coming over Dave” Andy said ashe directed me into his bedroom and closed the door. “What’s with the bag?” Andy asked as he walked toward a mirror in his room and started combing his hair, while doing so he not so accidently let his towel fall off and land on his rug. This time his butt was covered by a pair of Fruit of the Loom white briefs. “I am sort of an underwear freak and I brought you a present if you do your own laundry” I replied. “Yea sure I do,” he replied. As he turned around facing me in nothing but his underwear, I dropped the bag on the floor and we both instinctively embraced. I began kissing him on the lips and cheeks as my right hand was rubbing over his
white brief covered cock. I could feel it getting hard as he started to moan “Oh, oh, that feels so good”. I pulled my shirt off and tossed it on his bed, also peeling out of my shoes, as Andy opened my jeans and let them fall to the floor. We both sat on his bed next to each other and he asked if I would suck his dick again, as if he was asking me the time.

This boy was really horny so I decided to tell him my plan. “I am an underwear freak, as you probably know, I was wondering if I could have all your underwear to keep, I have a supply of underwear here in the bag to replace yours” I told him. Andy looked at the bag and took out (3) 3 packs of white Fruit of the Loom briefs, size large. “Hmm” Andy thought out loud as he walked over to his dresser, opened the top right drawer and pulled out his supply of underwear and put them on the bed. He sorted them out, they were mostly Fruit of the Loom briefs in white and 2 pair of Hanes white briefs. “Well”, he said, “I am pretty much a white brief guy so guys won’t think I am gay in the locker room, but you look so hot in your briefs I think we can work that out” “I get all of them?” I asked with great anticipation. “Yea sure, 9 pair of briefs? You must have spent a pretty penny for them” he said. “Well if I get them all..” I said as I pulled down the white briefs he was wearing and began sniffing them, as he stood before me naked with a hard on. I noticed these were a size large. I went through the pile of white briefs on his bed and noticed two pair of hanes white briefs that appeared to have been washed many times and were a size medium. I sniffed each and every pair as I put them in my bag. I opened up the packs of white briefs I brought him, and began putting them in his dresser drawer, all the time his tan bubble butt exposed to me on purpose. Content with my purchases, Andy finished putting them away, and spun his body around toward me with a devilish look and said, “I did my part, now you do your part”.

I did not need any more directions, I knew he wanted his dick sucked and I was ready to service his penis. He laid his naked body on his bet with his head resting on the pillow and his cock standing at attention. I pulled off my briefs and crawled over him. I intentionally let my balls slide down from his neck over his body ask I got in position. I first stroked the boy cock with my fingers and watched the veins beginning to grow slightly on his shaft. I liked his hairless ball sack and could almost taste the soap he had used when he was in the shower. I grabbed 3 pair of his new briefs and put them over his face and began sucking his dick. Up and down went my tongue on his shaft, as I noticed he was rubbing his new briefs over his face and chest. Constant moans from him let me know I was doing my job. As I started rapidly licking the head of his dick I sucked in the pre cum that was emerging. “Oh, Oh” he continued moaning, “When I cum it is going to be a big one, I have not jerked off in days” he tried
hard to say. Faster I sucked, up and down, up and down until he started screaming “yes, yes” as his back arched. I pulled my mouth off his is cock and began jerking him off with my right hand. His last moan was followed
by a volley of 3 spurts of cum. The first one came out with such force it landed on my face, while the next two covered the top of my right fist. When he was done he laid all the way down again and as he caught his
breath, started to giggle as he said, “look at you, you are full of cum, if Austin was here he would drink it up like milk”. “Well, Austin is not here” I replied with a smirk, at which time Andy sat up and licked the cum off my face and fist and swallowed every last drop.

Andy pulled open the blankets on his bed and got in, motioning me to follow him. I got into bed and under the covers with him, both of our naked bodies facing each other. We laid there skin on skin, cock on cock as I ran my fingers through his hair and kissed him on the lips. We laid together for several minutes saying nothing, just enjoying the moment, after which he started crawling under the covers and played with my dick with his hands. I could hear him giggle as he did this and watched my cock swell. He pulled the covers off me and gave me the best blow job a man could give. I was so horny I came in his mouth without warning, Andy swallowed my cum, and said with a smirk, “I think I got my daily nutritional requirement of cum”. I laughed back and kissed him again.

Andy got off the bed and stood there nude looking at the briefs I bought him, “hmm, which one should I wear? He said out loud. I got out of the bed and stood behind him caressing his butt cheecks with my hands and said,
“they are all the same silly”, “I know, I am just toying with you” he replied as he put on one of the fresh pair. I put my briefs on and made on last request. I had brought my digital camera with me, and asked him if we could stand in front of the mirror and if I could take a picture of us together in our underwear. He said, “Sure!” and I put my left arm around his bare shoulder and snapped 3 pictures of the two of us. Looking at my watch I said, “shit, I have to be at work in 20 minutes! Sorry for cussing”. “No problem” he replied. I started getting dressed and he put his old briefs, that were now mine, into my bag. I tucked the camera in the bag and we kissed for what seemed like 5 minutes as we walked down the stairs to the front door. “Good bye, my love” I whispered to him as I blew him a kiss and walked out of the house, got in my car and left. I will never forget that day, or the weekly love sessions that evolved from our friendship.

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