Seeing Dad Masturbate in his White Briefs

Seeing Dad Masturbate in his White Briefs

I had written previously about my first time touching dad when I was 7 or 8. Unfortunately I had no more opportunities alone with him in bed and was not able to feel or see his hard cock since. I had a few quick gropes while he was having naps and had a couple more chances to see him naked,
but not too much else. My next real exciting time came when I was 13 or 14 years old. I had
long since discovered the art of masturbation, though hadn’t realized that other people jacked off too. I would always jack off before going to sleep, plus whenever I had a chance during the day. I would grab an old sock and start jacking my cock as I thought about sexy men – my gym coach, my math teacher, my dad too. My technique was pretty basic. I would lie on my back, stroke up and down furiously until I shot my load, then wipe it up with my sock.
My mom was off visiting another of my aunts – just me and dad were at home! I was watching TV with dad in the living room and it was getting late. Dad said it was time for bed, got up and shut off the television. We were watching some movie which I was really into, but it was only part way through. Despite my pleas, dad would not let me stay up to watch the movie. Reluctantly I followed him down the hallway towards our bedrooms. Mine was at the end of the hall, directly beside the bathroom, across the
hall from his. I got out of my clothes and went into the bathroom in my white briefs to brush my teeth. I looked over into my dad’s room and saw him taking off his clothes down to his tighty whities as well. As I finished brushing my teeth, he turned on their small TV in his room and lay down on his bed. Hey! No fair…. he was going to continue watching the movie while sending me to bed.

I noticed at this point that I had a perfect view of the television and his bed. More specifically, I could see his body, but only up to his chest, just above his nipples, and had a perfect view of his television. A
quick summation told me that since I couldn’t see his head, he couldn’t see my bedroom door nor the bathroom while lying down. I had the perfect idea…. I would sneak back into the bathroom to watch the end of my television show on his TV.

I walked into his bedroom, wished him goodnight and went into my bedroom. When I heard him enter the bathroom and close the door, I quickly ran into his bedroom, lay on his pillow and confirmed what I had suspected – he could see neither my bedroom door nor the bathroom door. I ran back into my room. I heard dad flush the toilet and return to his bedroom. With this, I silently slipped back into the bathroom and settled in to watch the movie. I had the perfect view of the TV, and my dad had the volume loud enough that I could hear it. This meant I wouldn’t have to worry about making noise.

The movie was as good as I expected, but as I was watching, something unexpected happened. As I mentioned, I had a perfect view of the TV and the bed upto dad’s chest. I hadn’t really been watching him too much because he was under the covers. Suddenly he rolled the covers off, exposing down to his knees or so. I was surprised that he had waited so long to do this, as it was really quite hot in the house. His white briefs, hairy thighs and chest were exposed to me. I continued watching with interest. As he was watching the TV, he rubbed his hand over his hairy chest and abdomen. He rested it just above the band of his Fruit of the Loom white briefs. He then slipped his hand under the band into his FTLs and gave a scratch
to his crotch. He then lifted the white briefs pouch up and away from his body, stretching the fabric and let it fall back to his body – I guess just airing things out. He moved his hand back out and rested it on his abdomen

At this point, I noticed that the fabric stretch had allowed his right nut to fall out of the side of his loose fitting briefs. Apparently my dad also noticed this and reached down. Rather than tucking it back in, he
actually reached in the side of his white briefs and pulled out his cock, letting it rest on his leg! My heart leapt, as did my cock. My dad’s cock and balls were hanging out of his tighty whities and he had no idea I was seeing it. He just left it there. It was as I remembered it – about 4 or 5 inches, uncut, large balls lightly covered with light brown hair. He was not hard at this point, but I sure was.

After a moment of airing out, he reached down again and started gently touching his cock, then shook it back and forth between his fingers. He rolled his foreskin back and stretched it down his cock, exposing the head. Again he let his cock free. It fell back into place, with the skin retracted, leaving it rest for a moment… it was starting to get a bit thicker and longer. He grabbed lightly, pushing the foreskin back in
place, then pushed the head far down into the skin and clamped the skin shut between his thumb and finger, covering the head. My dad’s cock was the only uncut or adult one I’d seen, and I had no idea one could do so much with a skin. Once again, he impressed me by grabbing onto the skin and tugging it, stretching it really long. He reached down with his other hand at this point and rolled his hairy nuts around. He then closed his big fist around his nuts and squeezed, pulling his nuts away from his body and milking them. With this move, I could see his cock getting quite rigid. He kept the skin stretched though, keeping the hardening cock trapped inside. Cool!

My heart was racing…. I was dizzy with excitement. This was unbelievable! I knew that guys joked about beating their meats, but I wasn’t sure they actually did it. I certainly didn’t think my own father
did it. At this point, he must have decided it was time to get down to business. He let go of his stretched nuts and foreskin, then lifted his hips and slid off his white briefs. Now I had a clear view of his furry chest, abs, and bush. His now hard dick was lying flat on his abdomen, still covered over with his
foreskin. His furry nuts were hanging down between his legs. He reached down again to his cock and yanked it perpendicular to his body, pulling the skin all the way down tight. It was a big, thick tower,
about 9 inches long with a huge head on it. Holy Fuck! He then started stroking his cock vigorously, sliding the loose skin up and down over the big head, varying the speed much as I do normally. His free hand went to chest. He worked through the hair to his nipple, and then clamped on tightly. He jacked away, at the same time twisting and pulling on his tit. He slowed his jacking, then repeated the skin pulling manoeuver he had done earlier, yanking it tight to what seemed an impossible length. He then gripped his nuts tightly again, stretching them while jacking his cock again. He even gave them a couple brisk slaps as he jacked… ouch!

Hidden in the dark bathroom, I copied his actions. One of my hands was jacking on my cock, which was only about 6 inches, and only had a few hairs for pubes. My other hand had slid across my smooth chest and I was gently, kneading my tit. This was so much different from the fast jacks I always did. Dad was squeezing pretty hard on his tit – I tried to copy but it hurt a bit too much. I needed my balls like he did and continued jacking away.

Dad reached between his legs towards his crotch again. Instead of stopping at his balls, he reached below them. At the same time, he bent his legs up a bit and started rubbing near his ass. He forgot his cock fora moment and used that hand to lift his legs closer to his chest. He moved
the other hand around for a side approach to his ass. His new position confirmed it – my dad was actually massaging his hole. He moved his hand to his face, and brought his glistening finger back to his hole. He was
mainly using his middle finger and sliding it over the entrance to his ass.He would occasionally dip the tip just inside, and come back out. This went on for a few minutes. He would give his rod an occasional stroke, but
his ass was his goal. I copied the move as best I could, reaching my hand around to my ass to my sweating hole and massaged the way my dad was. It felt amazing. He was definately a pro at jacking off. He then moved his ass hand up toward his face, lowering his legs – I couldn’t be sure, but I
think he was actually smelling the musk from his ass. Funky…. I copied the move.
This must have really gotten him going, because he returned to his dick with a quickened stroke. He reached down again and started tucking on his nutsack, pulling them firmly away from his body and squeezing tightly.I followed suit. His hand moved faster and faster, and the squeezing on
his nuts continued. All the sudden, he made one final pull on his sack and one firm pull of his skin down his dick, and cum came spurting out of the end of his cock landing first on his chest and abdomen. He made another jerk on his cock, and more cum flew into the air, landing on his pubes and
nuts. He had one final spurt – for this one, he moved his skin up over the head. The effect was the cum looked like it stretched the skin a bit, then exploded out in two direction. More cum welled up inside the skin and then flowed over the edge as he continued squeezing the skin closed.
Seeing this, I started spraying too, holding my hand in front of my cock to catch my load.
Luckily my dad just lay there for a moment, relaxing his grip on his nuts and slowly rolling his skin, milking out the cum. I make a quick sprint back to my room before he caught me, closing my door behind me.
That was the hottest thing I’d ever seen. Not only did I have JO material to last a life- time, I also had picked up some hot new moves for my own JO sessions.

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