Rumors about Dad in his Tighty Whities

Rumors about Dad in his Tighty Whities

Thanks for the story, Ted…

My dad was an Air Force pilot and wore the pilot jumpsuit with white briefs under it. I’m 30 now and dad is 55 but he still gets out of his jumpsuit after flying missions and kicks back with a beer just in his briefs. Dad is still a good-looking bear hunk of a guy in his undies, hairy chest, and quarterback body. The best thing about this is that we share a house after his divorce. The other nice surprise isn’t what he’s packing, but what he’s NOT packing! Hate to say it (or not) but dad’s on the small side and apparently he isn’t a grower either. Rumor has it that’s one reason mom left him. According to some, he has pubic hairs longer than his dick.

So I decided to check it out myself and talked him into a father/son porn night with some beer and his fav straight/lesbian/couples porn DVDs. I took him to his old officer’s club and got some beer in him while he visited with old buddies. Well about 30 minutes of war stories and dogfights was all I could handle so I took him home and popped in the DVDs while we got comfortable and i broke out the Millers and Coronas. He took off his cowboy boots, then his black jeans and he had on those white bikini cotton briefs which sported a tiny tent poke where his small dick tried to stick out so I decided “damn, that’s too hot” and pushed him down on the sofa. He was woozy from the beer and didn’t try to stop me. I pulled the briefs off and rubbed my dad’s tiny dick with my forefinger and thumb to work him up a little. A little was all I got. I put him at barely 2 inches. I held his short manhood and wondered how that ever concieved me and then went down on it. I started sucking him but he kept slipping out of my mouth. I pushed his thick pubic hair down and went down again and sucked slowly while trying to throat him. He didn’t touch the back of my throat so I’m thinking I could still carry on a conversation in the meantime!. Then he had me stand up so he could suck me. My dick is barely average though i’ve had no complaints. He sucked and jerked me till I came and then he came.

We both collapsed together on the sofa with the porn playing and then gave each other a high-five. As we toweled off and his dick shrank back to barely visible, we decided we were still friends.

That rumor was right, he did have pubes longer than his dick!!


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  • My short length makes it hard to fuck in certain positions and small dicks seem to run in my family.

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