Dad in his White Briefs

Dad in his White Briefs

I’m sure I saw them before, but I remember very clearly the day I first saw my dad in his white briefs and was aroused. I was in the hallway of our home – it was a small place and my parents were fairly open about nudity, so it wasn’t uncommon to see someone changing in the bedroom without the door shut.

Dad had just come out of the shower and had already dried off. I stood staring at the massive arm of flesh that was hanging down in front – I’d never seen an adult penis before, and I couldn’t believe its size. Mine had obviously not developed yet, and to make things even more exciting, dad was uncut and I was cut. So I could hardly believe my eyes – it was so thick! I pictured the two balls that hung down underneath as the size of tennis balls.
white briefs
Dad was rummaging through his drawer and pulled out a pair of Fruit of the Loom White Briefs. These were the old style, with the gold and blue waistband, strong and sturdy support for his massive member. He slid them up his hairy legs and snapped the waistband. His bulge was full, stretching the fly front. I looked down at my own white briefs and wondered, will mine look like that someday?

I didn’t know the answer to that question, but I knew one thing was for certain. I’d always be wearing my tighty whities, just like dad.


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