Checking Out My Coworker’s Massive White Briefs Bulge

Checking Out My Coworker’s Massive White Briefs Bulge

Today was my lucky day. I couldn’t believe it. I finally saw it. And it was huge! White briefs don’t get better than this. Ok, let me start from the beginning…

brief lads horny guys in white briefs

He was the first thing I noticed in this new job – the most gorgeous thing in the office. He’s tall – slightly taller than me, about 6’4. Steel blue eyes, about my age at 30 but still has loads of boyish good looks. Keeps his sandy brown hair cut short, shaves but there’ s a little bit of stubble and a few strands of hair coming from his chest at the top of his shirt.

He is built like a tree trunk – rugby player style. Huge chest and thick arms with a couple of tattoos sticking out if he’s wearing short sleeves. He’s not got a gut just because he’s so huge all around. But the best part is the bottom half – a huge butt that’s so firm it must be heaven to sit on it. Massive thick legs, firm and round from top to bottom. And he has a third tree trunk in the middle hanging down – the biggest bulge I’ve ever seen. It seems like not only does he have huge balls but a big cock too – there’s just all kinds of junk stuffed down there.

I’ve always hoped to catch a glance in the toilets but he always goes into a stall. So I was totally caught off guard today when we had an all-day meeting in a different building. It was a quiet building, not many people in, so we pretty much had the place to ourselves. We took a restroom break in the morning of the meeting and not thinking I headed into the bogs shortly after he did. I walked in and couldn’t believe my luck – there he was, standing at a urinal with no dividers. The far wall was all mirror – so I had a clear view of what he had hanging down there! It was better than I had imagined: very thick shaft with an even thicker, uncut mushroom head. Of course, as I suspected, it hung down very low. He said hello, so I quickly tried to avoid him noticing my stare. He was friendly and chatty, perhaps just as normal, although maybe it was just a tad too friendly? Who knows. I managed a few more peeks while we were having a leak and just couldn’t believe my eyes – I finally was seeing that massive thing. I could see his balls were huge too – they connected to his dick nearly halfway down and a huge flap of skin headed down into his fly. But I nearly gasped when I saw something else – a glimpse of white! I never thought it would be possible that he wears tighty whities but with a girth like that I could see why some white briefs would give support.

We headed back into the meeting while I daydreamed about what I had just witnessed. I thought that was my one and only glimpse, but things kept getting better. At lunch, it was announced we were having a 2 hour break. I hadn’t planned on it, but normally I go to the gym nearby at lunch. He does too, but we have different schedules. Luckily I brought my gym gear so off we go to the gym together! I’m was a bit worried as I’m not sure how I’ll keep my raging hardon, which I’ve had since the earlier episode, from showing in plain view. I’ll figure out something, I thought.

tighty whities white briefs men in underwear

We get to the locker room and pick lockers at opposite ends of the room, but it’s not too big and a large open square so there’s not much privacy. Sure enough, while I’m stripping down to my tighty whities and quickly slip on some thicker athletic shorts, he slides off his jeans to reveal a massive white briefs bulge. He was wearing Polo Ralph Lauren white briefs, straining to contain his heavy mass. I just looked at him, he smiled, and I waited for him to change and we went to the training area.

After a good workout session, we finished our exercises about the same time and headed back into the changing area. I was about to pass out from the excitement and trying to keep my hardon from being exposed. In the locker room it was empty apart form us; he immediately stripped down to his sweaty white briefs while he sorted out his gym bag. I pretended to be looking for something while he finished, and I was rewarded with a magnificent sight: he slid his sweaty white briefs down to reveal a long, thick uncut member, biggest softie I have ever seen, hanging down in front. Below it were two perfectly rounded balls – they were low hangers and had tons of flesh, lying flat against his thighs and covering quite an area. No wonder he has a hard time hiding all of it. It was beautiful – as gorgeous as Michelangelo’s David. We hit the showers and thankfully the showers have private stalls – where it took me mere seconds to knock out a huge load that covered the wall and shot sticky junk all over the shower handle. It took me longer just to clean up the mess, but thankfully this made getting dressed a lot easier.

He is a consistent man – I came out of the showers and he was already back in his briefs, again Polo Ralph Lauren tighty whities. I towelled off and slipped on a pair of Clever White Briefs, and believe it or not he smiled and said “those are nice – never seen that brand before. Guys like us need the support, eh?”

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