A Country Boy’s Underwear Story

A Country Boy’s Underwear Story

Today’s very interesting story comes to us from Daniel Thomas.

I’m just an ordinary southern (USA) middle-aged country boy. I was born in the mid 1960′s, and was educated in the public school system in the 1970′s. One thing about the ’70′s is that all boys wore white briefs. No school-boys would have been caught dead wearing boxers! Boxers were what old men, like my Dad, wore. He was a WWII vet and I never saw him wear briefs. There were colored, low-rise, and bikinis briefs available on the market in those days, but it seemed like there was a taboo against being seen wearing those in the school
locker room; as though those styles were more feminine. One of my joys in the school locker-room was watching my classmates drop their jeans to reveal those white briefs, and then watch them pull those briefs off to put on their jocks. I knew at a very young age that I liked seeing other naked boys and had no interest in girls. I even joined the swim-team and the YMCA just so I could get more locker-room time in. I did have some interesting encounters during that time, but those are stories for later.

After graduating High School I joined the US Navy. There was no underwear options in basic training; everyone was issued white Fruit of the Loom briefs. The ‘boot camp’ day started very early with reveille being called about 5AM. We would have to jump quickly from our racks (bunks) and get our toes on the lines that ran down the middle of the barracks. What a sight! 120 men in white briefs all sporting early morning hard-ons!

Of course, that sexual tension had to be satisfied occasionally; eight weeks is a long time to go without sex. Everyone had to rotate though standing fire-watch at night in four hour shifts and the barracks was dimly lit by blue night lights. Whenyour eyes adjusted, you could clearly see everyone lying in their bunks. I did my
basic training during the Summer and our barracks was hot; probably kept hot on purpose to make the training more difficult. At night you didn’t even want to be covered with a sheet. I saw there were three preferred ways to jack-off. Some guys would stroke themselves through their briefs; always keeping their hand on the
outside of the fabric. Others would reach inside their briefs to get a good grip on their dicks but still keep it concealed. Lastly, many like me would just pull the waist band down and hook it below the balls and jack-off openly; shooting the load on our stomachs and chests. I liked to use my hand and wipe my cum from my chest, lick some from my fingers, and wipe the rest on the front of my briefs. All the time I knew my neighboring bunkmates and the fire-watch sentry were watching. A couple weeks into boot-camp I noticed that my closest bunkmate to my right would jack-off the same time I would; also pulling his waistband below his balls and jacking openly.

After basic training, I attended electronics schools and served the rest of my six years on a ‘Guided Missile Cruiser’ ported out of Norfolk, VA. Since I was single, I lived on the ship full time. In the early 1980′s white briefs were still the standard mens underwear. I did develop a preference for white boxers under my dress
blue uniform. The heavy wool tended to chafe my thighs, and maybe it was a nod to the tradition of all those WWII movies I liked so much. Many of us also had the habit of not wearing underwear at all if you knew you were going to put your work dungarees in the laundry at the end of the day. But, sailors in sweaty
tighty-whities still ruled the day.

Completing my tour of duty I was a ‘rebel without a clue’. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, so I bought a motorcycle and toured the country. Eventually, I took a job in heavy utility construction. During this ten year phase of my life I went “commando” most all the time. There seemed to be something intensely masculine about not owning any underwear. I was a rough character in those days and never shied away from sexual encounters with fellow construction workers. It was an intense turn-on the day I stripped a man down to his white briefs in a utility trench at a secluded jobsite. I bent the willing victim over and completely ripped open the seat of his tighty-whities, and then I got down and lubed his eager hole with my tongue. While I fucked his ass through the torn seat, I reached both my hands around to the front and opened the brief’s fly. Pulling back hard I ripped the front wide open and freed his hard dick so I could jack him off and fondle his
balls. I shot my load first then turned him around and took his load down my throat. When we were finished I ask him to keep his torn, ruined, briefs on under his jeans till the end of the workday. Later we stopped at a biker bar for some beers and then headed back to my place. He fucked my ass long and hard still wearing those shredded and stained briefs.

With time I mellowed out and grew a little older and wiser. I took another job as the transportation manager of a large warehouse. This job required nicer clothes and a tie. It was actually in preparing for the job interview that I decided I needed some new clothes. It was time to start wearing underwear again and I didn’t give it a second thought. I’ve been wearing Hanes or Fruit of the Loom white briefs ever since.

Photos of Daniel coming up tomorrow!


  • The 70′s and the 80′s were definitely ruled by white fly front briefs that’s for sure. Boxers were considered grandpa underwear as my Dad wore white briefs too. I do remember very few guys wearing colored underwear in the school locker rooms, and usually they were the rich jock guys everybody wouldn’t dare tease. I tried to wear colored underwear once in Junior High and that was a locker room disaster. Most of the guys on my college dorm wing through the mid to late 80′s wore white briefs, but I started seeing more and more colored briefs. I started seeing boxers in young guys around the early to mid 90′s but the boys who lived in rural areas still wore white briefs. I know my two cowboy buddies I had in the late 90′s wore white briefs up until we stopped hanging out in 2000. I’m noticing today, actually in the past few months, that all the straight normal dudes, in their 20′s, I have had the pleasure of seeing strip down are wearing briefs. They may not be tighty whities, but at least they are briefs instead of boxers or even boxer briefs. Maybe the brief is making it’s long awaited comeback.

  • [email protected]

    Very hot story has me boned up in my briefs !

  • Daniel Thomas

    Thanks! I’m glad you guys liked the story. Yeah,Tony, I’m noticing a lot of younger guys are wearing briefs!

  • tommytoot

    I’m sick of all these boxers the young dudes are wearing. Most of us older dudes from the 70′s still LOVE white briefs. I hope they are making a cumback! -teehee= I would love to have JOCKEY make Tim Tebow model in white briefs. In an interview, he said he prefers BRIEFS. Wouldn’t it be WOW if we could see a big JOCK model white briefs. EVERYBODY write JOCKEY INTL to get their main spokeman to model in WHITE BRIEFS and then we’d all have something to really JACK OFF to!!!

  • swvaguy34

    Great story!!! I too am boned up in my white briefs after reading. Post more!!!!

  • cody stern

    I,m 18, after reading this story, had to blow a nut fast, briefs is the only way to go, wouldn,t ever wear boxers.

  • richard0460

    Everyone in my California junior high school in 60′s wore JC Penney red, blue or gold dash briefs. The rich kids wore gold dash because they cost a little more, the poor kids wore red dash because the cost the least. I liked these briefs so much I went looking for them on line but JCP stopped making them. Tiger Underwear on line makes vintage briefs that remind me of them.

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