White Briefs Review: Tiger Underwear

White Briefs Review: Tiger Underwear

I was so excited to try on my new pairs of Tiger Underwear that I could hardly wait to scan pictures of the packaging for you. Thankfully, I did because they come beautifully wrapped, vintage white briefs-style. I got one pair of the red-waistband and one pair of the blue-waistband, as I explain below.

The Packaging

Tiger White BriefsTiger White Briefs

The Red Waistband

The red waistband is 50% Polyester / 50% cotton.  It has a slightly stretchier feel, and is *very* comfortable – on this one, order the size you think you are as there isn’t the same shrink as in the blue waistband cotton.

white briefs

Again, the fantastic fly-front ensures everything stays in place.  It’s so well stiched, though, and very high quality which is what makes it stand out from the rest, just like the blue.

white briefs

white briefs

Super comfy, the double-panel seat again takes top marks.  This is a fuller-cut brief than the blue, giving you a bit more coverage if you need it and leavign a little bit of breathing space.

The Blue Waistband

white briefs

The Blue waistband style have tigher, slightly a more tradtional white brief fit.  The double-seat panel is extra-supportive and you’ll feel right at home in these as they’re 100% cotton blend.  As they’re cotton, these do tend to shrink so you will want to order the next size up for these.

white briefs

The fly front is super-well designed to hold all but the meatiest of man, so I’m loving the look and comfort of these.


Without a doubt, these are some of the sturdiest and most comfortable white briefs I have ever owned.  They have that old fashioned feel, like they were made properly and to stand the test of time.  The materials are quality, and the cut is a nice balance between looking good and having a lot of support.

As you may know when we reviewed the briefs from Hong Kong it was my first intrduction to double-seat panel white briefs.  The seat on the Tiger Underwear is very sturdy and just fantastic – you’ll never go back to regular briefs again.

I also like the plain waistband with a touch of color – really looks great and is nice to show off should you feel the need. :)

If I had to choose and I wanted a more typical white brief fit and good strong support, I’d go with blue.  But for a little wiggle room and a stretchy, breathable fit I’d head for the red.  But I’ll leave it for you to choose – just make sure you choose Tiger.

So go and check out Tiger Underwear‘s website and get your pair today!


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