Wearing White Briefs on the Beach

Wearing White Briefs on the Beach

There’s nothing like a white briefs tan line after a day of chilling out in the waves in your tighty whites. ┬áCareful – those get see through when they’re wet!

Mikey, this sexy muscled stud, says:

I have always had two fetishes, white fly front briefs and running around at night naked. I have been an active exhibitionist since I was 9 years old…. Old school FTLs are always a turn on. I own more
briefs than I can count, call me crazy.

white briefs on the beach - tighty whities

Hubba hubba hubba


  • Hanes Luvver

    Nice pic! Would love to talk to you about your briefs. My aim username is iluvhanesbriefs – hit me up!

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