Hot Tighty Whities from France

Hot Tighty Whities from France

Jean-Jacques writes in today from France to say:

Comfort cleaness and i find exciting wearing white briefs

See for yourself :)

tighty whities bulge

bonds pouch briefs

french men's underwear

Love the Bonds pouch briefs – NEVER seen those, but would love to know more :) And what a beautiful penis line you have there in the last pair!


  • The Bonds are Bonds S’Port Brief. (Play on Sport and Support I guess). Tailored on the munsingwear brand from the USA, but a lot better in wear and design (I have had both). Still wear the Bonds regularly. Come in white and navy and from time-to-time, grey. They have also re-released the Low Rise “Superfly” in the same style, based on the ’80′s Low Rise in psycodelic colours, patters and elastics. Have heaps of these now and they are even better again. Expect to pay about AU$7 – $12 per pair. Google ‘Bonds S’Port Brief’ or ‘Bonds Superfly Brief’ for images.

  • Most comfortable underwear Ive ever worn. Since I was 16 Ive worn these more than any other type. Great look and feel, and the easy access up front is a lot of fun….

  • Oh, and sorry meant to say they are Australian.

  • The Bondsman

    DEFINITELY the most comfortable briefs around, …truly “man-shaped”, totally accessable for lefties or righties, and give a great profile under your jeans or trousers too. Went through a period of being regarded as “old-fashioned”, but back now and just as good as ever. Try these and you’ll never go back to those acrylic clammy, sweaty, uncomfortable little girl’s pants. Truly classic underwear for MEN!

  • The Bondsman

    Oh, …and forgot to add you can buy these online and don’t pay more than about $13.00 each for them.
    DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT get into bidding on those offered by unscrupulous sellers on eBay who list them as “vintage” when they come straight from current stores here. I’ve seen people duped into paying over $35/$40 for these, plus postage. While I think they are great briefs at any price, I hate to see other curious briefs-fans get ripped off!
    Also, if like me you take 14′s (that’s a 32 waist), you may find that size hard to come by, (but not IN!) now. I can recommend Zodee, they still have some.

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