Cute Guy in Old Fashion Hanes White Briefs

Cute Guy in Old Fashion Hanes White Briefs

We have some of the cutest readers! Check out the cute smile and big bulge that our friend SFDenny is packing! I love a good Hanes white briefs bulge, and that is certainly one of the best going around.

SFDenny is also sporting a pair of wet tighty whities – which he mentions are a bit cold! I don’t think anyone reading this is feeling the chill, though.

Thanks for showing off your white briefs for us, SFDenny :)

white briefs guy with a cute smile
2-12-hanes white briefs tighty whitie bulge
wet tighty whities white briefs bulge bikini brief

Stock up on Hanes now – classic white briefs don’t get better than this:

And if you want some slimmer-fit biniki briefs, great for the gym or just lounging about, Amazon has those too!


  • William

    I wish SF Denny lived close to me!!!

  • Man thats really hot! wud love to have hot sex with him and blo my baby batter all over his belly durin a hot session man! Wish he was close to me tooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Rich of Brunswick MD

  • briefsman

    I love him. I love him. I massively lust him!!

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