A Country Boy in his Underwear

A Country Boy in his Underwear

Yesterday we featured a great day about a country boy and his underwear history. That boy is Daniel, and here we today we feature his photos :-)


  • [email protected]

    Very hot pics! You look great in your underwear, if you would like to have a briefs buddy hit me up.

  • white briefs, are all I wear, need the support.

  • Daniel Thomas

    I live out in the country in the rural south (USA), so I run around outside in my briefs a lot. I usually sit out at the picnic table in my briefs, drink beer, and watch the fish jump in the pond almost every evening during the Summer.

  • whome

    VERY HOT pics! You look so sexy. Such an adorable face, nice bod, yummy legs, and of course, nice undies. :D

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